What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray?


What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray?

By Momi on March 10, 2023

color accent wall with grey

Furniture upholstery sets the right tone for a delightful interior appearance and contributes significantly to the overall theme of the space. However, there’s another factor that carves the first impression and completes the interior decor and design. Yes, we’re talking about the choice of complementing wall treatment.

While there are countless possibilities, it can become a daunting task to ideally choose a paint color for accent walls that goes well with gray-themed interior design. And, if you’re also looking for adding to the list of options, you’re too lucky to have found this informative piece of writing.

At Wallpaper Land, we’ve proposed a number of mind-blowing wall paint ideas that match gray-colored interior themes.

The Best Tips For Perfect Accent Wall Colors With Gray-Themed Interiors

Gray color adds more depth and creates visual interest in interior design with changes in natural lighting throughout the day. Therefore, design experts prefer adding gray for sophisticated, cool, and refreshing themes and outlooks. If you’re having difficulty choosing the accent wall color for your gray-themed ambiance, you can opt for any of the ideas explained below.

1. Uni-Colored Glossy Paint Finishes For Royal Appearances

Never lose the idea of an accent wall appearance because the whole point is to make a prominent, positive highlight in the interior design. For this purpose, you can benefit from glossy paint finishes in various options such as ruby red, forest green, turquoise, and similar jewel accents.

All these ideas are bold enough to make a style statement with featured wall appearances. Under adequate lighting conditions, however, you’ll experience the true potential of high-end interior design aspects.

2. Have Yellow From The Pastel Hues To Complement

When it comes to matching gray, you can’t create complete divergence but rather need to offer a soft, unified touch of pastel colors. And, the best option on the color wheel for pastel varieties is a toned-down yellow.

The choice of yellow can prettify the interior with added energy and warmth to the interior. Additionally, the idea of creating an interior focal point doesn’t get distorted as well.

3. Add Neutrals To The Room Design With Wall Paint

One can’t rule out the possibility of soft, neutral-colored painted walls for complementing gray interiors. That’s because of the natural cohesiveness and unified vibe in the combination of gray and neutrals.

An ideal example is a toned-down pink on all the walls. But what about creating an accent wall then? Don’t worry, you can add a decorative flair to one of the walls opposite the seating arrangement with intricate design patterns and wall hangings. Thus, fulfilling your dream of featured wall appearances and interior décor upgrades.

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4. Paint The Room Walls In Biscuit Color Or Beige Accents

With everything in sight colored gray in the room, you can distract the viewer by painting the walls in biscuit color. Just as it sounds, this wall painting approach is equally as unique as it’s delightful and adorable.

Make sure that you execute the idea flawlessly by selecting muted khaki or muffled beige. Yes, you must tone down the interior theme with a subdued beige paint color. On the contrary, the choice of an animated version may offer clashes with the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior.

5. Shades Of Green Are Good To Go For Wall Paint

Looking for a unique yet delightful approach to painting the walls and matching the gray interior? Well, various shades of green can help you create tranquil interior spaces, i.e. emerald green, sage green, fern, malachite, etc.

Additionally, you can add flowers to the wall design for creating a refreshing and congenial vibe in the interior. Make sure there is enough illumination so that you can highlight all the details for pleasant appearances.

6. Create An Off-Center Vibe With Orange & Blue

Just like everyone else if you also want to experiment with bold and vibrant shades for home interior design, orange or blue are the best solutions. Seems odd right? However, perfect execution and adequate lighting can completely transform the look and feel of the interior in terms of a positive, appealing change.

Not only will you be adding zeal and zest to the interior design but will also enjoy the benefit of a unique, colorful interior.

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7. Experiment With Coral, Beachy Tones For Accent Walls

Ride the wave of beachy accents for colorful, soft, and visually pleasing interior outlooks. Speaking of the available options, you have sea glass, bright aqua, teal, crispy whites, etc. All these varieties have one thing in common i.e. muted or subdued color effects for soft, relaxing interior appearances.

However, you should take into consideration that the gray color effect should not be masked or subdued in the interior. That can happen when the theme of the room gets dispersed or distorted.

8. Pair Rose Gold & Gray For A Balanced Interior Design

If you’ve installed metallic fixtures offering sleek, gleaming finishes, the best idea to even out the interior design is to have rose gold painted walls. This way you can ideally capitalize on the aspect of creating accent walls besides introducing charm, distinction, and glamour to the interior design.

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9. The All-Time Favorite Black & Gray Is A Classic Combination

One can’t forget to mention the stylish and most appealing color combination of black-colored painted walls in gray interiors. You can either opt for plain black or add some interest and depth to the overall interior design with patterns, stripes, and prints on repeat.

This color combination promises to create a cool, calm, and serene atmosphere in the interior. Not to mention that your dream of an accent wall also gets fulfilled alongside the added benefits of contrasting tones and sophisticated appearances.

In Summary

Creating an accent wall in the room with gray color as the centralized theme used to be a challenging task up until now. Because in this post, we’ve explained all the color options that can create accent walls without clashing with the effects of gray. Any of these colors can be used in combination with gray for accent wall appearances and appealing interior design.

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