7 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas


7 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

By Wallpaper Land on February 06, 2023

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The dining room is a place to gather and eat for the whole family and therefore, should be decorated with desirable and attractive interior design ideas. The easiest way to make the dining room interior stand out is to improve the wall art and decor. That’s because giving a touch-up to the walls will definitely uplift the outlook of the dining room interior.

For this purpose, the best idea is to make additions of captivating wall art, and impressive murals, and seek out desirable wall treatments. On top of that, you can create an accent wall in the dining room for a welcoming, desirable, and attractive interior appearance.

In this article by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to illustrate 7 different ideas that you can benefit from to create an accent dining room wall.

The 7 Brilliant Accent Wall Ideas For Charming Dining Room Decors

As you know, an accent or featured wall differs from other walls in the interior in decoration, design, and wall treatment choice considerations. Therefore, all eyes centralize accent walls in the interior, and design flaws (if any) are masked from being visible.

However, deciding on the accent wall design can be pretty much exhausting. For this purpose, we’re listing below 7 accent wall ideas that can transform the course of the dining room interior.

1. Decorate Walls With Wooden Slats

Wood is all about adding a natural and classic element to the interior design. Therefore, you can have wooden slats to improve the present texture of the dining room interior. Note that this wall decorating approach is ideally suitable for plain, simple textured wall appearances.

And, there is no use to decorate walls with wooden slats that already comprise design wallpapers. Coming toward the aspect of wall slats positioning, you can benefit from various configurations or propose innovative ideas for that matter i.e. create a half wall, completely cover the wall, have spacing between the slats, etc.

Irrespective of the configuration you pick, you’ll be adding an innate intrigue to the dining room interior design. No need to say that if you could somehow manage to make some interior changes accordingly, the details of the accent wall will surely complement the change. And that will significantly improve the aesthetic value of your dining room.

2. Create Statement Walls With Wallpaper

An ideally selected wallpaper can do wonders for interior design. Therefore, one can’t overlook this design upgrade idea for creating accent walls in the dining room. For this purpose, you need to decide on the wallpaper material, quality, size, and design.

Speaking of variety, you’ll encounter an immeasurable number of amazing and distinctive choices available on the market. You’ll find them varying in material construction, design, size, and many other aspects of an ideal selection. The best approach that will keep things simple yet spicy decor-wise is to opt for a rich, navy-blue textured wallpaper.

That’s because this wallpaper color will stand out even more when matched with wooden furniture placed in the dining room. For this reason, you can have wallpapers with different designs or simply go for uni-colored and plain textured appearances.

3. Add Floating Shelves To The Wall

The easiest and simplest way to get your dining room wall highlighted in the viewer’s sight is to add floating shelves. Again, you have to choose from various options for this approach to be practical.

Like, you can go with installing a couple of short wooden shelves or opt for full-length panels to decorate your dining room walls. Additionally, the total number of wall shelves to be added to the interior depends on the interior space and measurements.

Obviously, you’ll have to place delightful vases, impressive landscape photos, and other pieces of artwork on the floating shelves to personalize and beautify the space. On top of that, wooden floating shelves can serve as additional storage space for various small items in the household.

4. Incorporate Natural Stone Into Wall Design

Adding natural stone to the wall design can make the wall stand out impressively. For this purpose, you can sectionize the wall nook and make it stand out from the rest of the walls in the room. The idea is to blend the interior design harmoniously with the stone wall so as to make the interior captivating and desirable in appearance.

Adding further, you can enjoy the benefit of commercial-style eateries by refurbishing brick walls in the dining room. Yes, you don’t need to cement or wallpaper the wall in the dining interior and just paint the wall surface raw. And just as you must have guessed, dark-colored paints are the best for this purpose.

5. Uplift The Interior With A Scandinavian Shiplap

Naturally illuminated dining interior comprising neutral hues and plain designs with innate textures, why ask more? You can get all that just by incorporating Scandinavian shiplap style into the interior.

Even though being minimalist, this wall décor approach can significantly improve the interior design by creating an accent wall appearance. For this purpose, you can get the shiplap painted accordingly to complement the aesthetics of the interior.

6. Get Geometric Squiggles Wall Adhesive

Another great idea to perk up the appearance of the dining room interior is to append geometric squiggles to the wall design. Basically, squiggles are design tessellations with geometric patterns and repetition.

And just as in the name, these design patterns are wall adhesives that stick to the wall and are easy to be replaced with interior décor upgrades. Not to mention that you’ll find an extensive range of impressive design considerations to have an ideal selection depending on your aesthetic taste and decor requirements.

7. Have Chair Rail Moldings For Distinction

Chair rails are not new in trend, however, are increasingly becoming popular again. Now, you can have a selection from a wide variety for adding to the aesthetic significance of the interior. Irrespective of whether you’re living in a modern home or a traditional-styled interior, these moldings complement all-decor settings ideally.

Not to mention that the color choice of the molding is the most important aspect of this consideration. Adding further, bright-colored moldings are ideal for sophisticated interior appearances while refined, subtle tones are best for vintage-style interiors.

In Closing

Creating an accent wall in the dining room is a great way to improve the uniqueness, desirability, and attractiveness of the interior. To help you with this project, we’ve proposed 7 different dining room accent wall ideas for the ultimate aesthetic delight of your household devouring zone. And, you can make any of these wall decor ideas practical depending on your personal preferences.

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