Here are our terms and conditions for our company which you should know prior to making any online purchase from us and making use of any of the services/features. By following the protocol along with all the general conditions provided by our company, you can avail yourself of all our services. Ahead is the user-end license agreement from which you can get info about all your contractual rights. In order to get our available services, you must take all the terms and conditions into account.

Amenities And Products is the online platform that provides premium quality wallpapers and wall treatment fabrics. The high-end images of the available products as well as accomplished wallpaper installation projects on our website are meant for a clear-cut visualization of our users and to help them decide on the right stuff easily. In addition to that, you can also get customized wallpaper services by negotiating all of your requirements with us.

Moreover, you can also visit our wallpaper stores in Dubai to have an even closer look of the material quality and also learn about all the services we offer. For every purchase, we ensure to provide you with your desired and intended products as well as services, both ready-made and customized.

Quotations And Measurements

Since it’s about wall treatments, we provide measurement taking services too and this goes the same for both pre-defined wallpaper products and custom made ones. For taking precise measurements, we send our professionals to your space once you’ve requested your quote at our platform. Before the finalization of a wallpaper product, our team shall take your approval in order to prevent any misunderstanding or misconception.

You can choose your desired stuff from our ready-made wallpaper products and can bring/tell us your choice of wallpaper ideas, so as to get a similar product. However, once the final product has been manufactured and delivered to you, you’re not subjected to making any alteration claims.

Custom Made Products 

In addition to the predefined wallpaper styles, we have numerous designs available for you to get an idea for your customized wallpaper style. All of the products and services will be provided in accordance with the following criteria:

  • If you only want to purchase the material/fabric for a wallpaper treatment, we provide that according to your specified sizing parameters.
  • If you get a complete wallpaper treatment from us, we provide you with measurement, installation, product delivery and customization services (if requested).
  • Once you’ve confirmed the wallpaper design, we shall send the product(s) and our professional installers to your place for an efficient wallpaper fitting project.

Design/Color Difference

The color, design, theme and pattern palette differs in terms of every batch, yet the product quality and the service efficacy will be ideally sublime. Therefore the minor difference within the color shade of the manufactured product can be ignored.

Processing Of The Order

You can get in touch with us at our online store in the following ways:

Order via Email

You can reach out to us by sending an email at and we shall get back to you right away. You can negotiate about your concerns or queries or can simply place your order.

Order via Phone Call

When communicating through a phone call (+971 56 148 8768), you must provide all the correct details of all the products and services that you require. And any inaccurately provided information/data will not be our responsibility. However, once you confirm the order, our representative will repeat all the details of the order for the purpose of verification and to avoid any misconception.

Order via Message

You can simply send us a message by filling out the contact form present on our website, and we shall get in touch with you right away. You can send all your order requirements in the message contents along with any attachments too, if you desire.

Cancellation Policy

Apart from any error from our side in the manufacturing process, we provide flexibility in terms of the order cancellation policy. However, this condition is not applicable for the customized wallpaper products. In case you come across a manufacturing defect from our side, do let us know within three business days, post you’ve got your order delivered.

For this, you’ll need to send a clear photograph or video of the product showing any defect(s), followed by reporting the problem description to us. You will be subjected to face consequences if you refuse to pay in case of cash-on-delivery. Besides, if you received a damaged or flawed product (the product gets damaged during the delivery), then you’ll get a replacement (fault rectification, redesigning, etc.) for that at our expense.

Return Or Refund Policy

The refunding policy applies only when the products are not manufactured or designed according to your requirements or in case you do not find the product quality to be satisfactory.

You’ll get notified once we receive the returned product and you will be refunded by our payment method. Besides, if you get a damaged product delivery, then you can also return it to our nearby showroom.

Payment Methods 

These are the payment methods applicable when you make a purchase and/or hire any services from our platform.

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer

Order Cancellation Conditions

Ahead are our contractual rights in case we need to decline an order.

  • Orders from countries or regions where we do not deliver
  • Unavailability of your demanded wallpaper material and/or fabric
  • Typographical errors in our guidelines
  • Incorrect product pricing information

It is highly advised to go through our terms and conditions before you make any purchase or hire any services from our company, in order to avoid any unpleasant circumstances in the future. Our guidelines regarding the company limitations and/or amenities will ease out the experience of online shopping for you.