11 Surprising Ideas for Styling With Textured Wallpaper


11 Surprising Ideas for Styling With Textured Wallpaper

By Wallpaper Land on March 08, 2023

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Wall decor and treatments play an important role in defining the overall interior theme and creating an appealing vibe all around your space. For this purpose, getting your home walls wallpapered is the ideal approach to sprucing up the home interior design and at times making alterations accordingly.

In the field of wallpaper choices, you must have heard the name textured wallpapers. They are getting more and more common for home décor improvements and design renovations. In this post by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to explain some amazing tips and usage practices for textured-look wallpapers to let you glamorize different home interiors.

The 11 Most Useful Ideas For Home Styling With Textured Wallpapers

Before going into any further explanation, let’s start from scratch by explaining to you the definition of textured wall treatments. Basically, textured-design wallpapers comprise a distinct tactile finish due to their raised surfaces and patterns.

Unlike traditional wallpapers, textured versions offer a three-dimensional effect to the viewer’s eyes. Below, we’ve briefly explained the most beneficial ideas for making use of textured home wallpapers.

1. Create A First-Sight Impression With Textured Wallpapers

The all-important first impression of your personality and personal choice preferences are a good-to-go with the choice of textured-style wall treatments. For this purpose, you should opt for a smooth, appealing wallpaper that’s colored in with your personal favorite choice.

For most people, a proven best approach is the selection of soft, neutral hues because there are no clashes or contradictions with the interior theme and design. Additionally, you can pick a color that matches another interior element i.e. plush seating arrangement, etc.

In this regard, the wallpaper installation ideally adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, attractiveness, and charm of your home interior while making the design feature stand out from the rest of the interiors.

2. Set Up Neat, Sophisticated Appearances With Wallpaper Textures

Another great idea is to enjoy the appearance of smooth sophisticated interior design with textured-style wallpaper installations. In this concern, all you have to do is to avoid bold, vibrant colors when picking out wallpaper accents.

Similarly, the choice of wallpaper texture should ideally complement the theme and design essentials placed in the interiors i.e. there should be soft, smooth fabric textures for the furniture essentials as well.

This selection strategy imparts an ultra-fine and sleek yet elegant and desirable approach to interior design and styling. Not to mention that you’ll be adding a dimensional feature by adding more depth and character to the overall ambiance.

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3. A Statement Interior Design Is All That’s Needed

To create a statement interior, there is no doubt that you’ll have to go for out-of-the-way solutions to interior design and styling. And, the choice of a textured-look wallpaper is the ideal option in this regard.

Available on the market in a wide variety of finishes and varieties, you can easily make an ideal selection that’s visually appealing, desirable, and unique. Don’t forget that the choice of wallpaper accent and design should also describe your personality alongside complementing the interior theme.

4. Add Dimension & Depth To The Interior With Textured Wallpaper

If you’re thinking that’s all you will get by purchasing textured-style wallpapers, there is a lot more to come. In some cases, you may find yourself helpless with respect to the interior design and decor balance, don’t worry because textured wall treatments can save your day.

Yes, these wallpapers can anchor the interior design by adding features of depth and character to the room interior. And, you’ll find this wall treatment option perfectly in accordance with modern-day home appearances.

5. Have Textured Wall Treatments For Featured Wall Appearances

Don’t you want to enjoy the aesthetic appeal and create an impression on the viewers by creating an accent wall? If so, you’ll be truly amazed to know that textured-look wallpapers will come in handy for this purpose.

There are various design solutions, versions, and varieties available on the market for an ideal selection in this concern. Also, you can enjoy this benefit by placing an order for custom-printed textured-style wallpapers.

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6. Get Wallpaper Textured Appearance In Neutral Hues

Neutral colors (soft hues) have never let anyone get disappointed in terms of interior design upgrades. The idea is to create a calm and relaxing ambiance that imparts a soothing effect to the nerves. A perfect approach that’s neither too bold and vibrant nor too muted and insignificant is to go for a bamboo-textured wallpaper design.

7. Textured-Look Vinyl Wallpapers Are Ideal For Bathroom Renovations

Looking for a bathroom refurbishment to add a splash of color, charm, and attraction to the interior? Well, the best option for wall treatment is the choice of vinyl wallpaper comprising a textured appearance. You can easily find a range of designs, colors, and finishes either for a bold, vibrant outlook or to go with a minimalist yet attractive styling approach.

8. Decorate Nooks & Corners With Textured-Style Wallpapers

If you’re planning to decorate your reading nook or study corner, the best option is to get a textured wall treatment for a one-of-a-kind design appearance. Adding further, you’ll enjoy the benefit of improved interior aesthetics and colorful appearances alongside carving a delightful impression on the viewer’s mind.

Similarly, you can install these wallpapers in galleries, hallways, ceilings, stairwells, and other small spaces for adding charm, luxury, and interest to these spaces. However, just make sure not to create overwhelming appearances that completely cut off all the design parameters in the surrounding.

9. Benefit From Intricate Design Patterns & Inclusions

There are always some folks that don’t find the list of ideas useful and beneficial, here’s an amazing design hack for such people. It involves buying textured-style wall treatments but with subdued pattern effects much like toned-down and masked design appearances.

Explaining further, the design patterns will exhibit a dual shade i.e. patterns in bright light while smooth, plain textured appearance in dim lighting conditions.

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10. Have Rough-Textured Wallpapers For Interior Design Upgrades

Adding glamour and elegance to the interior design is not only limited to smooth surface textures and appearances. Because rough-textured wall treatments can also add a touch of uniqueness, elegance, and interest to the space that is a no match to any other.

11. Dark, Subtle Wallpaper Textures For Interior Decor Improvement

Last but not least, you can pick textured-look wallpaper in dark accents with a subtle appearance. From all the ideas discussed above, it’s a much more distinctive approach but promises to uplift the charm and luxury of your home interior. However, the color shade to be picked should always accord with the interior theme and furniture placements.

In Conclusion

Textured wallpapers can add a touch of luxury, grace, and attractiveness to the interior for the purpose of design improvements and décor upgrades. In this post, we’ve explained 11 of the most useful, unique, and beneficial ideas that involve textured-style wallpaper installations. You can make practical use of any of these ideas to take one step further for your dream home appearance.

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