5+ Brilliant Brick Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room in Your Home


5+ Brilliant Brick Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room

By Wallpaper Land on January 24, 2023

best brick wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper is capable of entirely transforming a room. The wallpaper will bring space design to life, and this goes the same for every area from cozy bedroom designs to inviting kitchens and beautiful bathrooms! However, wallpaper’s aesthetics must be dealt with perfectly, in order to generate favourable home decor outcomes.

Well-considered wallpaper ideas for the living room can instantly brighten up the space, whether it’s a detachable pattern with an eye-catching design or a traditional style that requires a harmonised connection. Therefore, here is a list of some amazing wallpaper suggestions by Wallpaper Land for every room in the home.

Let’s Transform Your Existing Home Décor

We’ve been told for years that painted walls are the only choice, but this is no longer true as wallpaper gains popularity. While a basic and well-balanced paint base may be a great place to start when developing a decorative theme, it’s of course not the end of the ornamentation canvas.

The brick wall is not restricted to a single room; you can totally add drama to your dining area by simply installing this wallpaper. An exposed brick wall will attract attention and offer a rustic touch to your décor. If the traditional brick colour (classic red) does not seem appealing to you, you also have the choice of white-painted bricks, which are more elegant and also make your area feel spacious.

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The Size of the Space Must Be Taken Into Account

  1. Consider the room’s dimensions while picking wallpaper.
  2. Smaller patterns work well in bigger areas but may be overpowering in smaller settings.
  3. Keep in mind that lighting may alter the appearance of wallpaper and make a certain colour seem lighter or darker in most locations, so larger-scale patterns work well in most settings.
  4. Before selecting a living room wallpaper design, do consider the interior’s theme.
  5. While traditional patterns are more suitable for an ethnic appearance, vibrant patterns convey a sense of cheerfulness.
  6. Don’t forget to mix and combine pattern designs. Remember to use complementing hues to prevent the space from seeming too crowded.

Your living room is your sanctuary

And a place to relax and unwind! But because it’s also the space where you binge-watch your favourite TV shows and entertain guests, your décor needs to be adaptable to your mood. So when it comes to wallpaper ideas for your living room, go bold and include cozy textures at the same time!

Rich earthy hues, such as terracotta and clay pinks, evoke an immediate sense of cosiness, while darker hues provide drama. In addition, we suggest selecting a timeless design that may be combined with your furnishings.

Covering all the walls with wallpaper may help you achieve a polished, uniform look. This creates a warm and intimate atmosphere that is particularly wonderful in spaces limited in square footage.

On the other hand, in a large space with many historical features, only one or two walls can be necessary to convey a point. In addition to that, you can always add patterns to conventional panelling for a wallpaper design that emphasizes originality. The variety of designs and uses offered by wallpaper is one of its many advantages. Dare to be unique and cherish your originality!

Design of Brick Wallpaper for Living Room

In interior design, brick wallpaper is on-trend and offers your house a rustic and chic look. We offer everything, whether you like contemporary aesthetics with light grey or want to give a tribute to the industrial heritage with red brick. The increased shadowing on these wall coverings has a substantial effect.

Metallic brick wallpaper

Choose a metallic brick wallpaper to enliven a dreary area or make a space more unique. It lends the appearance of depth and definition to the mortar joints. To emphasise realism, scrapes, scratches, and brushstrokes are frequently depicted with shining silver or gold.

Floral living room wallpaper patterns

Floral wallpapers, ranging from spectacular and voluminous flowers to small daisy chains, provide a unique touch of style to a room. Floral patterns are ageless and versatile, making them fantastic wallpaper ideas for traditional home decors, and there are several sources of interior design inspiration from the past. We have the perfect floral wallpaper if you’re looking for year-round spring delight or a sombre damask pattern.

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Here are some tips.

  • Create a beautiful accent wall with delicate flower wallpaper designs
  • To build a calming area, choose traditional designs with a scandi twist.
  • To keep a hallway bright, use contemporary flower wallpaper with vivid hues.
  • For a mural effect, use a large floral wallpaper.

The Forest of Mist

The minimalist, mist-shrouded wallpapers in your living room make you feel the pleasure of being on a vacation in the woods. Using natural materials to create a perfect home sanctuary, forest murals are a fantastic way to bring nature within. The design below brings the tranquility of a stroll through the woods into your home.

Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

The living room, which sees the most activity, is the best place for vibrant wallpaper. Select blue, yellow, orange, or red to create a bold statement. If you want to add a feeling of grandeur to your living area, black wallpaper can totally assist you. When paired with the perfect furniture, a grey or even a dark green or crimson wallpaper will radiate elegance.

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Let’s examine some wallpaper color choices that will leave your visitors enthralled.

We could only conclude our discussion of wallpaper ideas by including children’s rooms.

The wallpaper in a child’s room has to match their personality to spark their creativity. Consequently, possibilities for children range from cartoon characters to rainforest settings.

Above all else, a child’s bedroom should be a place to play, study, and rest. Therefore, subdued hues are often the ideal option for wallpaper. Nonetheless, you may always add extra colour in the form of accessories!

With designs that stimulate play and promote exploration, wallpaper is a must-have for any amazing children’s room. For instance, an illustrated wall painting is likely to encourage your child’s imagination. In addition, the presence of vibrant designs make the spaces more engaging for the children.

In The End 

We hope you enjoyed our post about brick wallpaper. Many of our readers have been asking us how to incorporate brick wallpaper into their homes, so we hope this article has helped you! If you want to use this design idea in your home, you can find it on wallpaperland.ae.

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