Wild and Whimsical Kids Room Wallpaper Trends 2023


Wild and Whimsical Kids Room Wallpaper Trends 2023

By Momi on January 30, 2023


Wallpapers are a great way to complement and complete interior decor and design. Besides, they also add elements of interest, attractiveness, and dimension to the living spaces. However, the choice of an ideal wallpaper becomes the most important decision in this concern.

Especially in case you’re looking to adorn your children’s bedroom with a fanciful yet charming wallpaper design. That’s because an ideal kid’s room wallpaper design should reflect the flourishing personality of your children besides being timeless in terms of the decor aspect.

And, if you’re confused about making an ideal choice for your kid’s room wallpaper, then you’re absolutely in the right place. Because in this informative presentation by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to set forth some of the trendiest and most visually appealing wallpaper design ideas that will work wonders for your kid’s room.

Make Your Child’s Room Magical With Trendiest Wallpaper Designs 2023

The ideal wallpaper design for a kid’s room is the one that boosts your child’s imagination, creativity, and learning skills. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise the interior decor and charm by incorporating only arithmetic designs.

With that being said, you can make your kid’s room interior practical, relaxing, and at the same time refreshing, and playful by taking into consideration any of the wallpaper design ideas proposed below.

1. Parky & Ship Shaped Wallpaper Designs

While the terms may seem absurd in pronunciation, these wallpaper designs create the most charming, attractive, and desirable wall decor. Besides, you can have graphic home designs imprinted on the wallpaper surface for improved wallpaper aesthetics.

Also, there can be geometric or 3D designs imprinted on a particular area of the wallpaper backed by a plain, solid color for a calming, smooth wallpaper texture. To enjoy the ultimate aesthetic delight of this wallpaper design, you’ll have to minimize the furniture and furnishings and have the most essential of them uni-colored.

2. Space-Themed Wallpaper Designs

It’ll be no big surprise if your children are passionate about exploring the skies and getting themselves amused with knowledge about planets and galaxies. Because children at a specific age, develop a passion for learning about and exploring things present around them. Besides, cartoons, picture books, documentaries and movies are the most likely to ignite curiosity about outer space in the young ones.

For such cases, the ideal wallpaper design choices include the ones having imprinted planets, galaxies, and spacecraft on them. And, the cosmic designs are best displayed with 3D prints and images depicted on the wallpaper surface.

3. Frisky Jungle-Themed Wallpaper Designs

The suggestion of jungle-themed wallpaper designs directly relates to the children’s interest in going to the zoo. Nearly all children love going to the zoo and watching wildlife. Therefore jungle-themed wallpapers for kids’ rooms with animals and plants picturized are the best option for promoting children’s memory skills.

Moreover, the introduction of these wallpaper designs in the kid’s room is a great trick to sustain the interior décor alongside adding an instinctive element to the interior. Not to mention that it will be a great idea to make the interior a really colorful and lively space as well.

4. Scandinavian-Style Wallpaper Designs

Are you in search of a wallpaper design that can make your children’s room feel nippy, uncluttered, and desirable? Well, you’ve got the solution to your problem because Scandi-style wallpapers are designed for this purpose. These wallpaper designs feature a neutral color palette as the tonal plinth.

And, the best way to make these designs stand out is by choosing a wall mural picturizing deer, polar bears, and other animals. As far as the room’s furnishings are concerned, you need to incorporate hardwood furniture for creating a perfect complementary effect in the interior.

These wallpaper designs have been around for longer periods of time and have evolved to be the most adorable and welcoming in sight. Besides, having these wallpaper designs for your kid’s room will transform the look and feel of the interior completely.

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5. Fanciful Boscage Design Wallpaper Ideas

These woodland design ideas for wallpapers feature deers, antlers, bunnies, foxes, and other animals picturized in the canvas forms on the wallpaper surface. These wallpaper design ideas look like something right out of a children’s story book and therefore, are among the kid’s favorites.

You can choose any of these design ideas for your kid’s room wallpaper to embellish the incandescent interior. For a complementing interior effect, you can spread animal-themed toys and accessories across your children’s room.

6. Experiment With Wallpaper Hues & Variations

What if your child is at the start of his/her teenage years and doesn’t like baby-like wallpaper designs? Well, don’t worry because there is a range of wallpaper designs to experiment with for such scenarios. For this purpose, you can either have bold, valiant color combinations or opt for geometric design patterns for creating presentable and smart wall décor solutions.

Also, you can experiment with multicolored wallpapers or vague flecks of various hues for a more natural, mature, and arbitrary wallpaper texture. On top of that, there is a huge variation of 3D wallpaper designs available on the market that can luxuriate your kid’s room.

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7. Oceanic Animated Wallpaper Murals

As always, the aqua-themed wallpaper murals for the children’s room can’t be overlooked when listing the trendiest choices. These wallpaper designs visualize a glimpse of marine life and therefore, having them means introducing marine life to your children in a perfect way.

These wallpaper designs interpret sea life including whales, jellyfish, octopuses, etc. Thus, you will be adding a whole new dimension and uniqueness to your kid’s room interior by choosing any of these wallpaper designs. Not to mention that the radiating blue added to the interior theme will perk up the overall energy of the space and interior vibrancy.

End Note

Decorating your children’s room with the ideal choice of wallpaper design would have become a challenging task in the past. Because in this enlisted info, we’ve described wild and whimsical kids’ room wallpaper trends in 2023 that can provide the interior with a complete makeover. All these wallpaper design choices are children-friendly and help boost your kid’s imaginative, creative, and learning skills. Now, you can have wallpaper for your kid’s room that uplifts the interior charm and aesthetics most incredibly.

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