9 Things to Look for When Choosing Garage Wall Panels


9 Things to Look for When Choosing Garage Wall Panels

By Wallpaper Land on March 18, 2023


If you’ve decided to step into and fix your all-a-mess garage interior, the first step to renovating your garage is the wall upgrades. Yes, garage walls are what define the overall vibe and outlook of the whole area. So, what are the best options for garage walls?

For the best recommendation, you should go for garage wall panels as the ultimate choice for renovation purposes. They allow you to incorporate extra storage into the design thus, making the garage look decluttered, improving its functionality, and offering manifold benefits.

Looking for a simple and straightforward answer to the question: how do you make an ideal choice for garage panels? Our discussion at Wallpaper Land is just the same i.e. considerations for perfect panel choices for garage walls.

9 Key Elements For Ideal Garage Wall Panel Purchases

Paneling the garage walls allow you to organize your parking lot and get the best out of available interior space for a de-cluttered interior. That and various other benefits can only be enjoyed if you succeed in making an ideal purchase. Before we move any further, let’s explain why paneling for garage walls is the best option to go for.

Why Should You Go For Garage Wall Panels In The First Place?

The garage is a really important yet least put-mind-to interior in the home. Thus, most homes have messed up garage interiors with essentials thrown on top of each other and into the corners.

This makes it really difficult to find items, supplies, and materials in the need of an hour, making the situation even more chaotic. That’s why most of the time homeowners don’t even feel the need to step into their garages out of fear of time wastage and not really getting at something.

However, wall panels provide a designated space for hanging tools, equipment, and other important items thus, making the space de-clutter and organized. Similarly, you get the benefits of wall protection against moisture, mold, and mildew. Plus, there are advantages concerned with improved aesthetics, insulation, increased home value, etc.

Now that you know about the reason to choose panels for garage walls, let’s move on to the fundamentals of this important purchase.

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Required Storage
  • Aesthetics
  • Weight Load
  • Efficacy of installation
  • Equipment Hanging Versatility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Budget

1. Quality Material Construction

The choice of material construction for the panels can be broadly classified under two basic options i.e. slatwall and pegboard panels. For pegboard panels, you can have three materials namely wood, metal, and plastic.

However, the general construction of pegboard panels makes them flexible, and therefore, they become susceptible to chipping and splitting with heavy-weight hangings. These types of panels are less expensive and suitable for hanging lightweight equipment, items, and tools.

On the contrary, you can buy slatwall garage panels. These panels come in MDF or PVC materials and are sturdy as compared to other options. The slatwall MDF panels are heavier and comprise horizontal rows for hanging accessories.

In contrast, you get cellular foam-constructed slat wall PVC panels that are more durable, lightweight, and appeyaling in appearance. Also, the offer better resistance to moisture damage.

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2. The Durability Factor

Especially, speaking about commercial workshops and garage stations, the tools and accessories get picked up and restored a lot, therefore, wear and tear or structural damage is expected sooner. In this concern, the most durable panels are the ones designed for heavy-duty usage and only those that can provide you with the benefits of a lifelong, valuable investment.

3. Wall Storage Needed

You need to idealize the extent of storage space required to declutter your home garage before making a purchase. A garage interior must have enough space to store all the essentials such as sports equipment, bikes, numerous tools, equipment, and others.

Also, you should consider the future equipment or accessories that are to be purchased. Therefore, the best approach is to always make room for some extra storage space (if possible) and make a selection accordingly.

4. Garage Design & Aesthetics

Even though it’s your home garage, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have an appealing design and presentable appearance. In this context, pegboard provides you with a limited number of color choices.

However, you can always paint your pegboard panel for a matching appearance and complement the garage design. On the contrary, you can have slatwall PVC panels for your home garage in a variety of 6 different colors for a well-finished, high-end interior outlook.

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5. Weight Load Capacity

You can’t make an ideal panel purchase for your home garage walls unless you know about the weight load of the hanging equipment and accessories. As mentioned earlier, some types of panels are susceptible to getting bent, chipped, and even split with heavy-weight hangings.

6. Efficacy Of Installation

Looking to perform a DIY installation? Well, it can only be made possible if the wall panel offers ease of installation. Yes, some types of panels can make it challenging for you to perform a DIY installation, and therefore, the risk factor involved for DIY paneling damage spikes up the bar.

7. Versatility In Hanging Equipment/Accessories

As discussed already, you might have to hang a wide variety of tools, items, equipment, and accessories on your garage walls. Therefore, you should go for an option that allows you to hang everything ranging from small item storage (screwdrivers, etc) to bikes and all.

From magnetic tool bar holders to various types of hooks, your garage wall panel should be versatile in terms of hanging and storage options. A pro-level tip is to add baskets and shelving to collect hardware essentials, cleaning supplies, gardening tools, and other accessories.

8. Design Limitations For Wall Panels

One minor detail that can make a huge impact on the functionality of the wall wood panel is the consecutive hole spacing in the design. If the holes are spaced too close to each other, you’ll have to skip consecutive holes for hanging essentials and that leaves you with less space on the whole.

Besides, the storage should be convenient enough that you can make storage shifts either horizontally or vertically by adjusting the shelving, baskets, or similar additions.

9. Budget Considerations

You can’t rule out the major factor of budget consideration when selecting a garage wall panel. It is recommended that you set limits or define your budget within a set boundary and look for options that are compatible with your pricing range.

All In All

Paneling the garage walls is an ideal decision for garage renovations and cleaning up the interior. In this post, we’ve described 9 different key elements to look for when purchasing garage wall panels. Keeping in mind these considerations, you can make ideal purchases that keep your garage organized, improve its aesthetics, and add extra storage as well.

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