Shower Wall Panels Vs. Ceramic Tiles-Essential Pros And Cons


Shower Wall Panels Vs. Ceramic Tiles-Essential Pros And Cons

By Momi on February 13, 2023

Wall Panels Vs. Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to bathroom design remodeling, a never-ending debate on whether to go with a ceramic tile shower stall or opt for a water-resistant panel shower system gets heated. In this argument, the question still remains the same and doesn’t get answered. So, how can you put an end to this incessant debate once and for all?

You have to get yourself educated on all the positives and negatives related to both ceramic tiles and panel shower systems before making a decision. This way you’ll be able to recognize the beneficial features of both options and will be able to make the right choice on the basis of your bathroom interior requirements.

Today’s discussion motive at Wallpaper Land is to help you make the best choice in ceramic tiles and bathroom paneling by explaining all the merits and demerits of both these options.

The Comparative Analysis Between Wall Panels & Ceramic Tiles

Here, the idea is not to discourage ceramic tiles or panels by highlighting one option to be used for bathroom reinvigoration. The Sole point is to let the consumers know what they’ll get in return for their investment in either tiles or panels. Before any further explanation, let’s give you a brief introduction to what wall paneling is.

Introduction To Wall Paneling

Basically, panels are large-sized sheets made of water-resistant MDF, PVC, or wooden materials. These sheets or often-called wooden boards adhere to the wall surfaces or existing tiles using heavy-duty adhesives.

Below, we’ve separately explained the advantages and disadvantages of both these stylish wall decor upgrades for the bathrooms.

The Perks & Pros Of Having Shower Wall Panels For The Bathroom

Shower wall paneling comprises acrylic, PVC, or pressure-laminated vinyl. Wooden panels are plain, smooth sheets or boards that are applied to the bathroom walls. We’ll start by explaining the amazing benefits of wall paneling for bathroom showers.

1. Walls Panels Are Grout Free

Grout is a mixture of water, sand, and cement that imparts adhesive properties when applied to various surfaces. For this reason, ceramic tiles are applied to the bathroom walls with grout and that’s also the reason you see colored seams or lines visible enough from a distance.

However, wall panel installation doesn’t require grout and therefore, the seams or gaps with consecutive boards are negligible. Having that said, wall paneling fulfills the trendy interior decor terms for a smooth, delightful, and plain wall surface.

2. Efficacy Of Installation

Coming towards the installation, you’ll find a significant amount of difference between the installation time for panels and tiles for the same surface area. With bathroom panels being more quickly and efficiently installed, you will notice that ceramic tiles require more effort, time, and accuracy.

This time difference is due to the fact that wall panels are large as compared to individual tiles. Besides, ceramic tiles are installed using grout that takes some time to settle as compared to sealant adhesive used for wall paneling.

3. A Sleek, Smooth Surface Finish

Even though tiles are shiny, smooth, and catchy in appearance, they can’t match the aesthetic vibe of 3D wall paneling for the bathroom interior. Besides, the installation process of bathroom panels is simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort. And unlike that, DIY tiling of the bathroom is a messy and even troubelsome task on the whole, due to dealing with grout, cutting tiles, and many more.

4. Fits The Lifestyle

We live in a modern world where trends set the rules and guidelines for interior décor and style. Under these circumstances, you will find bathroom paneling to be the latest option for design renovations in comparison to tiles that have been used for a very long period.

5. Easy To Clean

Bathroom panels are non-porous and therefore, can be wiped down for cleaning purposes. On the contrary, you will find tiles have seams that if not adequately cleaned on a regular basis show signs of grime accumulation, soap scum, etc.

The Fundamental Significance Of Tiling The Bathroom Shower Walls

Now that you know about the benefits offered by shower wall paneling, let’s take a look at the advantages of tiling the shower.

1. All-Time Favorite

It is no secret that ceramic tiles have long been used for bathroom showers. Additionally, most people still tend to go with tiling the shower stall which makes this a timelessly favorite option.

2. Cost Savings

The financial benefit is one major factor that can help you decide whether to opt for wall panels or ceramic tiles for the bathroom shower. In this case, you’ll find ceramic tiles to be the economical choice, especially when the whole bathroom is to be treated.

3. Ideal For Small Bathroom Showers

As mentioned above, paneling comprises large boards or sheets that can be installed quickly. However, there is one downside to shower panels being large-sized i.e. they can’t be installed in small bathroom showers.

Because confined bathroom spaces involve dealing with cuts and angles at hand. Therefore, the installation of ceramic tiles is preferred for constricted bathroom spaces, especially for curved surfaces.

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4. Customizability

With ceramic shower tiles, you can always get what you desire for bathroom design upgrades. That’s because these tiles are fully customizable and this level of convenience and designing flexibility can’t be found with the wall paneling of the bathroom shower.

5. Eco-Friendliness & Stain Resistance

In comparison to most wall paneling options like PVC, you will find tiles to be eco-friendly. Therefore, the choice of tiles for the bathroom shower walls means you’re thinking about the planet and not just the interior decor of your home.

Additionally, tiles are resistant to stains which is a major benefit concerning bathroom interiors. All that is to be done is to clean them on a regular basis.

6. Economical & Efficient Replacement

Shower wall paneling if damaged can’t be easily and economically replaced. That’s because you’ll have to remove the shower system and other fixtures in the bathroom design. Also, you may face difficulty in finding the exact paneling style and finish for a complementing look.

Besides, PVC and other paneling options are damaged during DIY installations occasionally. Instead, you will find ceramic wall tiles to be comparably durable and hard-wearing. Also, if a single tile has been damaged or broken, you can easily replace it.

The Verdict

Both panels and ceramic tiles can prove to be great wall coverings for shower stalls and the final decision, anyways, always depends on your personal liking preferences. In this article, we have described the benefits of both these shower wall coverings to help you make a decision on the basis of ground realities and considerations, so as to get the best value for your investment.

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