Points To Consider While Selecting Wall Paints For Dubai Homes


Points To Consider While Selecting Wall Paints For Dubai Homes

By Jarid on March 02, 2023

Home paint colors not only reflect a person’s personality but also are the kind of functional addition to the decor that can control the heat flow. A wall paint gives a well-defined interior appearance to the place and a little wall paint shade alteration can modify the entire interior module. People in Dubai are more focused on creating an interior theme that not only reflects their aesthetic taste but also works as a functional addition suiting the weather and appearance of the place.

Dubai is a warmer city with over-humidity that makes people think as if the sun is on their roof. Summer high temperatures feel like death, and it seems next to impossible to bear sun heat. Given this scenario, it is quite unbelievable that wall paint can reduce the amount of heat by bouncing it rather than absorbing the wavelength. This article by Wallpaper Land is all about how to manage your home wall paint in accordance with Dubai weather and appearance.

How To Choose A Home Paint That Suits Dubai Weather And Appearance?

A house should be constructed in such a way that helps achieve a functional boost. Walls cover the major area of a building and the interior can be modified with their look. For a uniform appearance of your home in Dubai, it is necessary to consider the entire paint shade of the neighbourhood.

What factors are important to consider while selecting a paint shade and material for your home walls in Dubai? The summer heat of the United Arab Emirates cannot be ignored, so it’s important to adjust the home décor in a suitable way. To reduce the chances of interiors getting heated up, it is better to take preventive measures and replacing your paint shade with a cooler color as per the color wheel is the easiest and the best idea. Have a look at some other unique home wall paint considerations highlighted below.

1. Pick A Cooler Interior Color To Avoid Burning Heat

When we observe the pattern of the color wheel, the entire alignment makes sense and we start noticing why the wall paints colors are so important that people have invested their years in studying the theme of a single shade. The color wheel gives us enough knowledge about warmer and cooler colors.

Bright colors quickly absorb enough heat around them and add additional warmth to the place while muted tones bounce back the heat and are not effectively capable of absorbing high wavelengths hence keeping the atmosphere of the place cooler. Here comes a question: how is this color knowledge important? When choosing a paint color for your home in Dubai, to overcome summer heat up to an instant, select a neutral color and avoid warm shades and undertones for creating a balanced interior atmosphere.

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2. Noise Reduction Elevates The Privacy Factor

While selecting the wall paint for your Dubai bedroom, it’s important to take help from technology. With advancement, soundproof paint has been introduced in the market. The cooler shades of this paint are capable of reflecting heat as well as the sound wavelengths back. The most important thing about soundproof paints is they act like real insulators and slow down the transfer of energy.

The traffic sounds as well as other noises seem extremely troublesome and nearly horrible . To have a peaceful home environment, it is necessary to get a soundproof wall paint coating on your entire building. It enhances the level of privacy as well as keeps your home noise-free.

3. Neglectable Paint Smell (Non-Toxic Material)

Some paints come with a pungent and unbearable smell, the only reason is the chemicals they are made of. In addition to that, the paint can also be smelly after a few months of installation. So it’s crucial to have a proper knowledge about the formula it contains and the prominent signs that it will be showing after years from experts.

Dubai paint market is a huge place to search for the perfect paint material, the only advice is to choose a non-toxic, nature-friendly paint for your home walls. Dubai is a crowded city and the unpleasant paint smell can disturb your neighborhood and can also be the initiative to imbalance your social life.

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4. Have A Look At Your Neighborhood (Home Exterior)

Adding a uniform appearance in your society via your home exterior wall paint shade is the factor that not only enhances the look but also adds value to your building. While it’s not a thumb rule to choose outdoor paint in accordance with the neighboring houses, it can, however, always be a safe idea to stick to, in order to generate uniformity and overall cohesion.

Experts recommend choosing a uniform theme for avoiding later-on troubles. The same color wheel rule should be applied to the exterior paint as well. The warm color list is capable of absorbing heat, for a cooler home environment choose a shade that goes uniformly with your neighborhood and is also considered a cooler shade. Cooler shades usually bounce back the heat wavelengths and protect you from the burning sun heat.

5. Size Of The Room Is Another Factor

While selecting a paint shade for the interior of your Dubai home, always consider the measurements of the room. Dubai is overcrowded and small apartments are the new trend, following this point of view interior designers recommend lighter wall paint shades for interior styling.

Smaller rooms with darker wall shades give a suffocated look, while lighter color shades have two specialties that can never be ignored. One is that they reflect maximum heat wavelengths and the other one is they make the room look bigger than it actually is. Better to make coordination of colors in accordance with the room theme and the house’s overall shade for an enhanced interior appearance.

Come To An End

Wall paint should never be taken lightly because it can alter the entire appearance of the place. In Dubai, to overcome sun-burning heat, choose a lighter shade for the walls of your home building. Lighter colors, as per the color wheel rule can bounce the heat wavelengths back to the atmosphere and do not absorb higher wavelengths so keep the place cooler. Soundproof paint will keep your place calm. And you must never ignore the paint material as well, since some come with a very sharp smell that is unbearable. Always consider your neighborhood home exteriors while choosing the exterior paint shade for your home to maintain a uniform appearance.

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