Best Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas – How To Wallpaper Your Ceiling Like A Pro


Best Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas – How To Wallpaper Your Ceiling Like A Pro

By Momi on February 01, 2023

Ceiling-Wallpaper ideas

Ceiling wallpaper is a beautiful and unique way to add color, pattern, and personality to your ceilings. Including your favorite colors, patterns, and creative motifs in space is great, creating a unique focal point and greater visual appeal. This unique design concept is not for everyone, but it can be a terrific way to enliven and refresh a space with elegance and curiosity.

Is Wallpaper On A Ceiling A Good Idea?

Ideas for ceiling wallpaper can make a grand design statement in any sized space and any interior style. It will certainly draw attention upward, so be mindful of the design you desire for your ceiling wallpaper ideas. You want the space to feel manageable and smooth, and you want a pattern that clashes with the rest of your scheme. Instead, try a cohesive design that will add to the room’s overall aesthetic.

Ideas for Ceiling Wallpaper

With so many wallpaper options available, we have compiled a collection of our top wallpaper ceiling ideas at Wallpaper Land to offer you ceiling design inspiration.

Add Fashion Via Stripes

Decorating with stripes is an excellent choice for both traditional and modern interiors since they are tasteful and timeless.Depending on your pattern and how you incorporate it into your room, striped wallpaper may be either dramatic, delicate, vibrant, or subdued.

  1. A striped pattern may not only offer form and structure to your ceiling, but it can also create the illusion that a space is longer and bigger than it really is.
  2. In this contemporary dining area, the striped wallpaper is applied to the top part of the walls and ceiling, producing a sleek, extended impression that produces a cocooning effect. This pattern is a durable alternative for dining room wallpaper ideas since the hue sky blue complements the ceiling well.

Decorate A Dressing Room

Using wallpaper creatively may provide a luxury, welcoming touch to a dressing room, boosting the opulent mood of the area. Here, you can easily decorate the ceiling of the dressing room, which has a beautiful Daisy Chain wallpaper pattern. This is the perfect place to try out different colors and styles.

  1. Using wallpaper all over your dressing room can help you create a beautiful, vintage look that is warm and inviting. This will make your dressing room stand out and be more unique.
  2. Now more than ever, we look for ways to improve our study space or where we work from home that is natural to us. We want it to be comfortable, useful, and reflect who we are.
  3. Wallpaper can add color, life, and pattern to a modern home office, making it look more elegant. A wallpapered ceiling can make the effect even stronger.
  4. The design comprises natural textures and warm colors like blue and brown. The tropical palm leaf wallpaper is on the top part of the wall and the sloped ceiling. The soft blue paint on the wood paneling works well with the wallpaper. This home office is calm, peaceful, and unique thanks to the natural textures and materials it uses.

Embroidery at Some Portions of the Ceiling Can Increase Your Ceiling Look

One great way to add character to attic bedrooms is by wallpapering the slanted ceiling surfaces while leaving the middle area open to painting or other design ideas. In this stunning bathroom, blue and green flowery wallpaper was used on the walls and sloped ceiling, while the centrepiece was delineated by sleek white wooden paneling, providing a sense of peace and harmony. This ceiling wallpaper design creates a welcoming and elegant effect for bathroom wallpaper ideas, establishing a beautiful view and focus point when resting in the bathroom.

This child’s bedroom is an excellent example of how wallpaper can zone a space inside a room. The patterned, geometric design on the walls and ceiling around the bed creates a comfortable and enveloping sleeping environment for children. The design is also used for the blind and headboard, which gives the room a vibrant and pleasant look.

Amber Wellness by Its Wallpaper

Here Amber wallpaper can be applied to the ceiling and part of the wall above the bed to create a dramatic headboard in this bedroom. A geometric wallpaper with a repeating pattern of huge interlocking circles, the design creates a distinctively textured appearance and adds appealing depth to the area. Using the same wallpaper or a similar design in another room region is a great way to achieve a unified look throughout your home.

This wallpaper would be a beautiful addition to any bedroom because the rounded shape of a circle is often used in interior design to create a soft and calming ambiance. The circles on the ceiling provide a peaceful focal point while lying in bed, which can help to evoke images of a mellow sunset and promote relaxation.

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Make Your Kitchen a Wow Factor for Your Guests

Ideas for kitchen wallpaper are a great way to add a decorative touch to this high-traffic and utilitarian space, often outside the top of the list when using wallpaper. Taking inspiration from the opulence of the flapper era, the roaring twenties, and the fashion world, this kitchen uses a dark green and gold geometric pattern to create a luxurious look, complemented by the ornate opal glass and gold metal ceiling light and the green cabinets. This kitchen is a beautiful display of various styles, patterns, and colors and illustrates perfectly how wallpaper can be used unexpectedly to add elegance to a room.


We hope you enjoyed our post about how to increase the beauty of your room by adding wallpapers to your walls. We know that you love your room and want it to look its best, and we hope our tips for choosing the right wallpapers for your space were helpful! Thanks for visiting our site.

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