A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Wall Panels:


A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Wall Panels: Tools and Techniques

By Wallpaper Land on May 12, 2023


Wall panels are a great way to improve the interior aesthetics. There are many different types of wall adhesive panels available, such as wood, PVC, MDF, leather, fabric, etc. Each type has its unique characteristics and can be used to create different looks and textures in a room.

While the idea of installing wall panels may seem intimidating at first, it can actually be a relatively simple process when you have the appropriate tools and techniques at your disposal. In this post by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to describe the tools, techniques, and tips for efficient paneling treatment of your home wall

Wall Panel Installation 101: Mastering the Tools & Techniques

Wall décor panels if to be installed require nothing more than the essential tools, proper technique, and some of your precious time & valuable effort. You have to follow the steps carefully for a smooth and damage-free installation and to enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting investment.

Tools You’ll Need For Installing Panels On Walls

Irrespective of the type of wall panel you wish to install, the tools and equipment are the same for all. Before you proceed with the installation process, it’s necessary to have the right tools as described below.

  • Tape Measure: You’ll need to measure the length and width of the wall to determine the number of panels required.
  • Level: It’s essential to have a level to ensure that the panels are straight and even.
  • Saw: You’ll need a saw to cut the panels to the required size.
  • Adhesive: An adhesive material is required to attach the panels to the wall.
  • Paint Roller: A paint roller can be used to apply the adhesive evenly.
  • Finishing Nails: Finishing nails can be used to secure the panels in place.
  • Hammer: You’ll need a hammer to insert the finishing nails.

Installation Of Wall Panels: The Correct Technique Explained

The procedure for wall paneling treatment is simple and straightforward as explained;

  • Measure the Wall: Measure the length and width of the wall and calculate the number of panels required.
  • Prepare the Wall: Ensure that the wall is clean and dry prior to the installation of panels. Remove any existing wallpaper or paint and repair any damage to the wall.
  • Cut the Panels: Cut the panels to the required size using a saw. Try not to make any rough edges and cut smoothly.
  • Apply the Adhesive: Apply the adhesive evenly using a paint roller. Ensure that the adhesive is applied to the back of the panel and the wall.
  • Install the Panels: Install the panels one at a time, starting from the bottom of the wall. To make sure the panels are even and straight, use a level. Secure the panels in place using finishing nails and a hammer.
  • Finish the Edges: Finish the borders of the wall panels with trim or molding.

The Expert Suggestions On Installing Wall Luxury Panels In Your Home

If you don’t want any misconduct to happen and require expert-like end results for DIY paneling treatment, make sure you follow the tips and tricks explained below.

  • Choose the Right Type of Panels: There are various choices available on the market, such as wood, PVC, and MDF. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.
  • Test the Adhesive: Before applying the adhesive, test it on a small area to ensure that it doesn’t damage the wall or the panel.
  • Paint the Panels: Wall panels Dubai can be painted to match the color of the room and therefore, fit the theme quite wonderfully. Ensure that the adhesive is completely dry before painting the panels.
  • Hire a Professional: If you’re not confident about installing wall design panels yourself, hire a professional from a reputable source like Wallpaper Land to do it for you


You can enhance your home’s aesthetics and appeal by installing wall panels. Make sure that you arrange for all the materials, follow the installation technique in exact order, and pay some heed to the tips and tricks mentioned. Also, you can seek professional assistance if unsure of your capabilities.

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