Why Ordering Wallpaper Sample Is A Must?


Why Ordering Wallpaper Sample Is A Must?

By Momi on March 11, 2023


When it comes to the choice of wallpaper for home renovations, the countless number of options can get you confused about an ideal selection. Even if you’re done with this challenging task and have made a choice, you need to be exactly sure about the look and feel of your valuable investment.

That’s exactly when the need for product sampling comes into the equation. And, to skip this important step means you’re risking your desired home appearance alongside wasting a lot of money. In this take by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to explain the reasons why you should order wallpaper samples before the actual purchase.

The Basic Reasons & Amazing Benefits Of Ordering Wallpaper Samples

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in finding an option that you think is a perfect inclusion to the home design. However, your online pick may not turn out to be just the right choice i.e. the actual representations may vary from the ones displayed online. That’s why we’re going to explain the importance of ordering wallpaper samples.

The Important Tips For Wallpaper Sampling

Never place a sampling order for one variety of wallpaper, instead, have two or three wallpaper choices at respective preferences. That’s really important because what would you do if the ordered wallpaper sample becomes a rejected option?

Therefore, you should list out 2-3 preferences and order samples for all of them. This strategy can potentially save you a lot of your precious time while helping you make an ideal decision in the end.

1. Actual Color Representations

Most people complain about the vibrancy of the color scheme implemented on the wallpaper. For instance, you can’t idealize just how bold and bright the yellow color is and vice versa. Also, there are alterations up to some extent for bright-colored wallpapers because of the quality of pixels (product images) displayed online.

Also, there are clashes in the shades of the same color and this minor detail usually gets ignored for wallpaper purchases. Or, it may be the case that you wanted to match the interior theme but now the situation says otherwise. Well, you don’t want to take that risk, do you?

To get a clear-cut indication of the wallpaper color scheme, ordering a wallpaper sample is a must and there’s no other option anyway. No matter whether you’re going for large-scale renovations or zoning the interior design with specific wallpaper installations, always go for wallpaper samples in the first place.

2. The In-Hand Texture Feel

The second benefit or reason for ordering wallpaper samples is the in-hand feel of wallpaper texture. Yes, you might want a textile-textured wallpaper due to the imprinted design appearance but change your decision afterwards.

Also, the choice of wallpaper texture gets highlighted in this regard because this is what makes the wallpaper design stand out. Besides, there’s a huge difference in the different wallpaper textures for design depth and reflection even for the same pattern and print.

However, it remains no issue after you check the wallpaper texture yourself by ordering samples before the purchase.

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3. Material Quality Gets Verified

Another highlighted benefit of ordering wallpaper samples is that you get to check the wallpaper material quality yourself. No need to mention the importance of buying top-quality wallpaper materials because only then you would be able to capitalize on your valuable investment in the true sense.

Speaking of the options, there are many varieties available on the market i.e. paper, vinyl, fiberglass, grasscloth, etc. In this concern, you should do some research to find out about the right choice of wallpaper materials according to the usage aspect.

Also, you get to know whether or not it’s exactly what you’re paying for. Or, if the material quality is a cheap version of the actual product.

4. Comparative Choice Analysis

There are moments when you are confused about making an ideal design choice for wallpaper renovations. For this purpose, ordering wallpaper samples come in handy to let you finalize your decision with the help of a compare-and-contrast strategy. With wallpaper samples in hand, it becomes pretty easy to determine which one to go for.

Apart from the wallpaper design, you can look up different selection parameters to rule out the possibilities i.e. color vibrancy, material quality, etc. Thus, the importance of ordering wallpaper samples becomes evident.

5. Is It Complementing The Interior?

Most people ignore the fact that it’s the interior design that is to be upgraded with the choice of wallpaper. All they focus on is whether or not the wallpaper itself looks beautiful and nothing else.

No doubt, it’s an important consideration but the opposite end demands you to fit this wall treatment into the interior design equation. Wallpaper sampling is an ideal way to test whether the selected wallpaper is a yes for interior décor upgrades or if you should look for alternatives.

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6. Full-Scale Pattern/Print Portrayals

It can happen that the digital design visualization might not seem appealing in actuality when applied on a large scale. Especially, when you have placed an order for custom wallpaper design, you should always ask for a sample representation to idealize pattern distortion for full-scale imprinted surfaces.

Similarly, damask wallpaper patterns look exceptionally delightful online but the situation can turn upside down for real-life presentations. That’s because of the various factors involved i.e. adequate lighting, furniture, interior decor, wallpaper size, and similar considerations. However, wallpaper sampling can save your day to let you make ideal decisions and lifelong, valuable investments.

In The End

To make the ideal wallpaper purchases, you need to place a sampling order beforehand. In this post, we’ve explained the reasons for the actual color scheme, texture, material quality, pattern, and overall design appearance of the wallpaper in the home interior. This proves the importance of ordering wallpaper samples and the benefits of sampling for online wallpaper purchases. Such that, you can have an idea prior to the actual wallpaper purchases online becoming highlighted.

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