9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room


9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room

By Wallpaper Land on January 17, 2023

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Wallpapers are great tools for adding depth and style to living spaces. Available in a broad spectrum of modern designs, interesting patterns, and unique textures, it adds a splash of colors to enliven a dull, unattractive, and boring space.

You can complement any and every decor theme by making an ideal wallpaper choice. Besides, it can also be used in a number of different ways within the same interior and that’s what makes this wall treatment choice truly amazing.

Today’s topic of discussion at Wallpaper Land is to provide you with 9 different ways to incorporate wallpaper in a living room. Having this knowledge, you’ll be able to embellish your living room in a number of different ways using the same wallpaper design.

9 Most Innovative Wallpaper Implementation Ideas For The Living Room

Just as getting an elegant wallpaper design (that complements the decor theme) is essential, making use of that design wallpaper is also equally important. That’s the reason you find some wallpaper designs making a statement wall while others won’t create the same effect.

Looking for ways that get you the best out of your wallpaper design for your living room? Just take a look at these amazing ways for wallpaper implementations.

1. Cover All The Walls

Obviously, the first and foremost thing to do is to cover all the walls with wallpaper. This implementation approach for the wallpaper provides the best decor upgrades by creating a symmetrical and more organized interior design.

You can add to your home design floral printed wallpapers or large-scale imprints that create a delightful appearance using this wallpaper application technique. For the selection purpose, you’ll have to consider your living room’s décor settings.

The idea is to create a balanced interior design. For this purpose, you’ll have to counter the effects of overpowering patterns by adding plain wallpaper textures or combining the minimalist interior design with bold geometric prints.

2. Partially Cover The Walls

Another great idea is to apply the wallpaper only on two of your living room walls. This can provide you with financial benefits without letting the interior decor be diminished by any chance.

For this purpose, the ideal way is to wallpaper the wall that comes into view when you enter the living room. Similarly, the wall along the side of that particular wall should also be wallpapered. In this regard, the seating arrangement of your living room plays a crucial role.

Following this wallpaper implementation strategy, you should arrange your living room sofas or chairs in such a way that the wallpapered walls come into the viewer’s sight.

3. Apply Two Wallpapers On One Wall

With modern-day decor trends changing every now and then, this wallpaper application technique can make interior spaces speak volumes. For this purpose, you will have to cover half of the wall with one wallpaper design and the remaining half with another wallpaper pattern.

While this décor idea sounds really amazing, things can instantly take a turn when you try to make it practical. That’s because if the two wallpaper designs don’t complement each other, then you’ll witness the waste of your valuable investment in front of your own eyes. Hence, you’ll have to be extremely careful when making wallpaper design choices.

4. Create A Complementary Wall Design

This amazing wallpaper implementation technique can be regarded as one of the best options to significantly uplift the aesthetics of your home interior beyond imagination. It requires you to wallpaper all the walls of your living room but with a twist.

Such that, you’ll buy a statement wallpaper design for only one of your living room walls to make that particular wall the center of interior attraction. And, that one particular wall will be called the accent or feature wall of your living room.

5. Implement Wallpaper To The Ceiling

If you’re looking to take a step further and add luxury, charm, and elegance to your living room in the true term, then simply wallpaper the living room ceiling. This can be a great idea, especially when the point of concern is solely the improvement of living room royalty. For this purpose, the best approach is to opt for a distinctive wallpaper design that doesn’t match the others.

6. Decoupage Furniture

If you’ve any wallpaper remnants available after a wallpaper application, then consider upcycling an old piece of furniture. All you have to do is to cut the wallpaper according to the required dimensions and put on this wallpaper covering on that respective furniture piece.

Doing this will improve the living room aesthetics greatly besides preventing the wastage of the remaining wallpaper.

7. Adorn The Inside Of A Bookshelf

Old furniture pieces are not the only useful items that can get the benefit of décor upgrades using wallpapers. You can also decorate the inside of old bookshelves for a complimenting appearance by using pieces of wallpaper remaining after an application. For this purpose, you can cut cabinet-sized foam pieces which perfectly fit the space and apply the wallpaper over those foam pieces.

8. Make Art Pieces Out Of Wallpaper

Again, you can make use of wallpaper leftovers for this purpose. The best approach is to hang the wallpaper pieces after some design modifications and structural additions so as to make the art piece look visually appealing. You can either hang the wallpaper using a frame or add a dowel rod to make it look like a scroll.

9. Decorate A Lampshade

Last but not least, you can wallpaper a lampshade when it comes to intensifying the interior decor to the fullest. This lampshade modification will make it a somewhat personalized living room item that looks truly captivating and beneficial as usual.

End Note

Wallpapers are useful tools not only for protecting the walls but also to mask the unappealing appearance of damaged walls and therefore, adding to the interior décor. In this article, we’ve explained 9 different ways that let you add a decorative touch to your living room design by using wallpapers. Now, you can embellish your living room just by using wallpapers in a more creative way.

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