The Role of Wall Panels in Soundproofing and Acoustics


The Role of Wall Panels in Soundproofing and Acoustics

By Wallpaper Land on May 06, 2023


Noise is the primary cause of disturbance not only at workplaces but also at homes. Noise causes frustration and decreases work efficiency. But you need not worry about it, because we are giving an effective solution to this problem i.e installation of wall panels.

By preventing the sound waves from bouncing off the surface, wall decor panels improve the sound quality (acoustics) in the room. And, that is especially important if you are recording something in the room.

Thus, paneling treatment for walls provides a comfortable and acoustically sound environment. In this post by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to discuss the role of wall acoustic panels in interior soundproofing.

Understanding Paneling Treatments For Walls: Types & Choices

Whether you are constructing an office, studio, podcast room, or even a study in your home, wall adhesive panels should be your first choice. Wall panels are made of sound-absorbing material that not only prevents sound from entering a room but also its escaping.

Moving on, let’s explain the types and choices available for wall paneling treatments for your homes and businesses.

1. Fabric-Wrapped Fiberglass Panels

Fabric-wrapped panels have a fiberglass wood core within a wood frame that is covered by fabric. The fiberglass material absorbs sounds of different frequencies ranging from high-frequency human sounds to low-frequency sounds produced by bass instruments.

This material also absorbs echoes thus enhancing the quality of sound. These panels are available in various shapes and sizes to have an ideal selection. Hence, you can easily make a perfect choice that matches the decor of your space.

These wall design panels are lightweight, easy to install, and provide a range of benefits including durability, versatility, and customization flexibility. Thus, they are worth considering if you want a soundproof and eco-friendly environment.

2. Acoustic Foam Panels

Foam panels are made up of highly porous material that absorbs high-frequency sound waves such as human voices or snare drums and echoes. The material used in these foams can be polythene, polyurethane, and melamine.

Foam acoustic panels can be cut into different shapes and sizes. A wide variety of colors are available for an ideal selection. These wall panels Dubai are lightweight, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive. But one drawback of them is that they can’t absorb low-frequency sounds like bass sounds.

3. Wood-Wool Acoustic Panels For Walls

These acoustic panels for walls are sound-absorbing panels made of a mixture of wood fibers and mineral wool that are compressed and formed into rigid boards. They come in various shapes and colors and therefore, making perfect choices is not a problem. These wall design panels are particularly effective in absorbing echoes and low-frequency sounds like that of bass instruments.

4. Polyester Acoustic Panels

Speak of modern-day choices and you’ll find the name polyester acoustic panels. They are made of 100% polyester usually from recycled plastic. In addition, acoustic paneling treatment for walls comes in a variety of shapes and colors, provides durability, and is resistant to heat damage.

They are as effective as other panel choices in absorbing sounds and echoes. Moreover, these panels complement a wide range of interior designs.

5. Resonance Wall Panels

These panels are made of wood and offer benefits of acoustics improvement, particularly in large spaces such as theatres, auditoriums, and concert halls. Thus, the reason these wall decor panels are preferably used in enormous spaces for decor improvements.

6. Noise Barrier Panels

If you’re looking for soundproofing at the very best, these panels are your ultimate choice in this regard. They are made of gypsum board, vinyl, or mass-loaded vinyl and are used in large factories and industries to restrict sound entrance.

The Fundamental Significance Of Wall Panels Explained

There are lots and lots of benefits to using wall soundproofing panels in residential and commercial spaces. Some of the most amazing benefits are explained below.

1. Health Benefits

Noise pollution is continuously increasing day by day and it affects human beings both mentally and physically. People who are exposed to continuous noise are more prone to develop anger, aggression, sleep deprivation, and mental & physical exertion.

According to research noise pollution directly or indirectly affects the mental and physical growth, especially of children. Thus a soundproofing system like wall soundproofing panels is a must in homes and workplaces to protect yourself from the side effects.

2. No Audio Leaks

If you are a studio owner or a YouTuber doing podcasts, you need privacy in your workplace so that any part of your recording may not leak. There could be nothing better than using soundproofing panels. In addition, acoustic paneling treatment for walls improves the quality of sound in your workspace.

3. Aesthetic Enhancements

Wall panels come in a variety of shapes and colors. Some types of wall soundproofing panels can also be molded into different shapes. Thus, wall adhesive panels also add to the beauty of your workplace.

4. Better Insulation

One can’t forget to mention the benefits of better insulation and temperature control leading to reduced electricity costs. Thus, wall décor panels also prove to be energy efficient in the long run.

5. Durability

Panels for walls are made of strong and durable materials such as top-quality foam, fiberglass, mineral wool, etc. Therefore, they resist wear and tear for a long time. Plus, you’ll find certain types resistant to damage caused by fire and humidity.

6. Ease of installation

Paneling treatment for walls can be easily done using adhesive or other mounting methods. Similarly, they can be easily removed without damage to the wall aesthetics.

The Most Common Applications Of Acoustic Wall Panels

Though wall acoustic panels can be installed anywhere these are commonly installed in offices, recording studios, home theaters, schools, and residential buildings. Commonly, you’ll find them fitted across walls in the interiors but they can also be installed on floors and ceilings.


Wall panels play a crucial role in soundproofing and acoustic protection for both residential and commercial spaces. With the various types and materials available, it’s possible to achieve a customized and aesthetically pleasing solution to meet specific needs. Whether it’s reducing noise pollution, improving speech intelligibility, or creating a better listening environment, wall panels can significantly enhance the acoustics of any space.

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