10 Dream Bedroom Ideas For Girls


10 Dream Bedroom Ideas For Girls

By Wallpaper Land on February 09, 2023

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Decorating your bedroom is one of the toughest challenges in the modern age with so many options to get confused, especially if it’s a girls’ room. That’s because girls of different age groups have different decor preferences with some clinging onto their childhood favorites till their teenage years while others display the exact opposite.

Hence, creating a dream bedroom for girls may seem to be nearly impossible in the first place. The term nearly has been deliberately expressed in the line preceding this one because our today’s topic of discussion at Wallpaper Land is to help you create dream bedroom decor for girls.

The 10 Very Best Bedroom Décor Ideas For A Girls’ Dream Room Interiors

Children at the end of their teenage years do not share the exact same liking preferences as at the start of their adulthood. Therefore, there are a large number of different factors that get involved in making the dream décor for a girls’ room interior.

Below, we’ve explained the ideal choice of all interior elements for dream décor creation in consideration of a girl’s room interior. So, let’s continue with the first decor idea on our list.

1. Be Playful With A Treehouse Swing

Yes, a treehouse swing is all enough to make a difference in the interior outlook by adding a touch of uniqueness and desirability to the interior design. However, you’ll have to take various involved factors into consideration and induce changes in the wall décor and interior theme as well.

For the best results, you can incorporate a treehouse design bed into the interior. Followed by the incorporation of a beaded-shaped mirror on a mounted accent wall design. And, it would be best if you place a bow-backed chair in one corner of the room with a colorful retro-styled rug centralized on the floor.

The treehouse swing will hang from the ceiling in the center of the room to deviate all the interior attention. Last but not least, you’ll have to choose a neutral-colored theme for the interior design to highlight all the features of your delightfully decorated interior quite wonderfully. In this concern, you can have plain white with some patches of pink as the preferred theme choice.

2. Opt For Scandinavian Style

You’ll be amazed to know the extent of benefits that you can achieve just by simply switching your girls’ room interior design to scandi-style. This interior design choice requires you to opt for the interior theme from the wide variety of neutral-pallet options. The ideal approach is to color the walls in plain white for simple yet enticing decor solutions.

Also, creating a statement wall can spruce up the interior design by many folds. In the process, you should, however, make sure not to lose the purpose of having a neutral-colored interior theme i.e. maintain design simplicity.

Adding further, hardwood unpainted furniture items like beds, chairs, etc should be introduced in the design equation. Not to mention the importance of Coir Mats in this concern. The rugged and ragged appearances of these mats will function to anchor the interior design.

3. Give The Interior A Distinct Lavender Touch

Another great idea is to go for a lavender touch to the interior design. In further explanation, the addition of a sheer bed canopy in purple color to the vintage-style metallic bed frame will do the trick for a soft, attractive, and charming interior design.

However, this bed canopy or bed frame alone can’t make things right for dream décor creation. You’ll have to add certain other elements like a custom nature-inspired bookshelf, forest-imprinted wall mural, and other forms of wood tones getting mixed in the interior theme settings.

4. Choose Creamsicle Colors

A featured bedroom wallpaper design in creamsicle (harmonious) color blends will provide you with the utmost satisfaction of a desired girls’ room interior. There’s a range of different storage scenarios and shelving options that can be applied to the interior design for the decor and practical benefits.

For this purpose, a yellow-colored floral-imprinted wallpaper will work best for accent wall creation. No need to explain that you’ll be matching the appearance of various small interior elements like cushions, toys, etc.

5. Think Delightfully Different

With a few replacements and additions for interior elements, you can create the dream décor for the girls’ room. In this concern, a queen-size bed upholstered in a toned-down pink shade and complemented with throw pillows is the best choice. Additionally, you can create symmetry with matching side tables and lamps. Last but not least, a colorful Persian Rug will be the best option to anchor the room design.

6. Go For A Featured Wildflower Wallpaper Design

Looking to transform the look and vibe of a congested girls’ bedroom? Well, you can create sophisticated design appearances for the interior décor by introducing wildflower or garden touch wallpapers for statement walls. Also, you need to have a full-length mirror fitted in one corner to create the illusion of a spacious interior.

7. Decorate With Lines & Geometry

When it comes to offering a distinct charm and attraction to interior design, one can never underestimate the significance of lines and geometry. For a dream girls’ room, you can have a 3D geometric wallpaper pattern in a combination of bright, warm colors. Besides, the choice of pillows, beds and other interior essentials should fall accordingly.

8. Add A Rustic Element To The Interior

As for a classic-style interior décor, you can attain it with the placement of a wooden bed frame, chandelier, and a vintage rug centralized in the interior. Additionally, you can uplift the charm of the space some more by painting the walls white in color. A few open shelving and reading nooks created in the interior will be the perfect elements to complete this interior design.

9. Create Classic Whimsical Interior Designs

White and pink striped wallpaper installed on the walls to complement a similar in appearance bed canopy creates the most sophisticated interior design appearance. Besides, the addition of chandeliers and forest canvas art hangings on the wall improves the aesthetic significance of the interior. However, you’ll have to be somewhat selective regarding the interior elements choice to create truly charming interiors.

10. Keep Things Simple With Moroccan Accents

Simplicity can also provoke interest, desirability, and attraction when combined with the ideal lighting conditions and theme settings for interior decor. In this regard, you can place wooden beds, bunk beds, or treehouse beds in the interior with neutral-colored walls and adequate natural lighting during the daytime.

The best approach is to set down a patterned carpet for floor seating purposes along with decorative wall art and murals displayed all around. Last but not least, you can add a low-lying seating area in one corner of the room for girls to have tea parties, enjoy games, and spend some quality time with family and friends.

To Summarize

Creating a dream room interior for girls has no longer remained a challenging task. Because we’ve explained 10 different interior décor and design scenarios to have a selection for enjoying the benefits in this regard. And no matter whether it’s a spacious interior or a congested room, you’ll be able to find decor solutions for all possible scenarios.

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