15 Delightful Dining Rooms With Wooden Wall Panels


15 Delightful Dining Rooms With Wooden Wall Panels

By Momi on February 14, 2023

dining room with Wooden-Wall-Panel

Wooden wall panels incorporated into the dining room design make the interior outstanding and glorious in appearance. Dining room walls adorned with wooden wall paneling add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the interior design.

The smooth and gleaming hardwood finishes make the walls the center of attraction in the dining interior. Or, you can say that wood paneling creates accent walls in dining rooms. If you’re looking for various dining rooms with wood wall paneling, you’re absolutely in the right place.

In this article by Wallpaper Land, we’re going to illustrate 15 delightful dining rooms with wooden panels on walls. So, stay with us to learn about creating glamorous wall-paneled dining room interiors.

The 15 Best Wooden Wall Panel Ideas For Dining Room Enchantments

One can’t deny the captivating and striking appearances hardwood furniture imparts to the interior spaces. That’s because wooden furniture and panels have an unmatched aesthetic vibe and rustic charm that makes the space inviting, delightful, and attractive.

Wood panels are manufactured using three different types of wood materials i.e. plywood, salvage wood, and fiberboard. And, there’re various different types of wall wood panels available on the market for interior decor upgrades. Below, we’ve described 15 different dining room designs decorated with wall panels.

1. Reclaimed Wood Paneling For Hilltop Dining Interiors

Looking to add a truly congenial element for dining room design upgrades? You can take advantage of reclaimed wood paneling to get the upper hand in interior design and wall decoration for the dining room.

Not only is this paneling approach greatly captivating to the eyes but also provides incredible durability and acoustic benefits, as well. In short, this wall paneling idea can make your guests really impressed with your dining interior design.

2. Barn Wood Panels For A Warm Ambience

Matched ideally with hardwood-manufactured dining tables and chairs, this wall paneling technique can perk up the interior design through charming décor creation. The rough-textured wall wood panels add a touch of comfort, originality, and uniqueness to the dining interior design. Even though it’s a somewhat expensive approach, you’ll enjoy lifetime décor upgrades with barn wood paneling.

3. Shiplap Paneling For Open-Plan Dining Areas

Most commonly, the open-plan dining areas are adjacent to kitchen spaces. If that’s the case and your kitchen cabinets and shelving feature a white color, then shiplap panels are the ideal choice for accent walls. Under such scenarios, the walls and boundaries can’t be defined for the dining room and kitchen space, and therefore, it’s a great design approach for both of these spaces.

4. Have Single Point Wall Paneling Design For Dining Tables

Luxury home interiors and modern apartments have no distinct dining rooms but rather tables placed in an open-plan design. If you’re looking for a wall paneling idea to complement such a dining set, you can design a wood-paneled wall with a smooth texture. For this purpose, you can add comfort and interest to the seating arrangement of the dining table with Sisal Rugs placed underneath.

5. Drop Siding Shiplap Paneling For Dining Interiors

Drop siding is a historical type of flat-backed siding that can be used for wall decor upgrades in the dining room interiors. You can either choose to retain the rustic element of the wooden panels or go with painting the panels for a desired appearance. One thing is for sure that no matter what approach you take for drop siding panels, the aesthetic significance will be greatly improved.

6. V-Groove Board Paneling For Charming Dining Room Decors

If you want to add a stylish and attractive touch to the dining interior, then V-Groove paneling is the ideal choice for you. These panel boards can also be applied to the ceiling and therefore, you can completely renovate your dining interior with the addition of wooden elements all-around.

7. Wooden Vertical Panels For Prestige Dining Areas

With adequate lighting and sophisticated design interiors, you can add the element of vertical wood panels to the dining interior. It’s quite obvious that you must have witnessed this splendid wall decor approach in hotels, restaurants, and beach-side resorts.

8. Wood Paneling All-Around The Dining Interior

Another great idea is to have all-around wooden wall panels in the dining room interior i.e. for the ceiling, floor, walls, etc. This paneling approach works wonders, especially for interiors with large-sized glass window panels.

9. Create Feature Walls With Rustic Wood Paneling

Modern home interiors make use of rustic planking boards for wall décor upgrades. You can get the most of this wood paneling approach for luxe design dining interiors. However, the overall interior design has to be put in consideration for sophisticated and graceful appearances.

10. Board And Batten Wall Paneling For Dining Highlights

Sun peeking through glass window panels for dining rooms decorated with board and batten panels is such a spectacular sight. For unmatched aesthetic creation, you have to opt for soft, neutral-colored wall themes in compliance with display arts, showpieces, and similar exhibitions in the dining room.

11. Plain & Smooth Large-Sized Wall Wooden Panels

Vintage style dining room decors can be complemented with plain and smooth wooden panels installed on walls. In this regard, the choice of large-sized panels is quite obvious for uplifting the aesthetic value of the dining room.

12. Cash The Party-Wave Style Dining With Wall Paneling

When it comes to adding a touch of modernity and royalty for stylish dining interior appearances, wood paneling can be a great choice. For this purpose, beadboard paneling is an ideal choice as you’ll get accent dining room walls.

13. Get Along With Hamptons Style Dining

If you’ve a light-colored, finely bright, and white-washed dining room interior, the best choice is to get paneled walls. No need to mention that you’ve to paint the wall panels white to complement the dining room interior appearances.

14. Choose A Dining Cellular Wine With Wall Paneling

Overwhelmed interiors decorated with stone ceiling and shiplap paneling boards can be toned down to a lighter note with dining room cellular wine. Having that said, this design combination can make the interior appear larger and appealing.

15. Dining Design Excellence With Accent Wall Panels

Last but not least, you can apply sleek wooden panels on the wall with incomplete yet delightful arrangements. Thus, the dining interior adorned with this wall paneling approach will truly offer the appearance of an accent wall.

In The End

Wooden wall panels can easily enhance the beauty of the dining room interiors. In this article, we’ve explained 15 wall paneling ideas for delightful designed dining interiors. All these wooden paneling approaches listed above promise to intensify the aesthetics of the dining areas. Now, you can ideally choose wooden wall panels to glam up your dining room appearances.

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